why you need to think of strategy as story.


Strategy is a type of story.

It has characters, plot, time and place and forward motion.


Any story worth telling can't be told in bullet points. 

That's why strategy presentations often fail to inspire.

For strategy to captivate, it needs the elements of story.


Starting with truth.

Human truth, brand, product or category truth, doesn't matter.

Basing your strategy on a clear, objective truth grounds your story in reality. 

It also gives your strategy a sense of undeniability.

Your audience can't help but agree with you.


There are two sides to every story.

In the case of brand narrative, they are your customers and your employees.

Your brand should inspire both in equal measure.


A strategic narrative is the organizing principle of any brand or organization.

It combines all parts of the strategy into a single, inspiring and purposeful story.

It's the central storyline that sprouts a hundred subplots,

each adding color to your brand and moving your story forward.

Without it, the universe would revert back into chaos.


Your strategy should be able to fit one page.

That's right, one page.


Clear decisions and simple language that

anyone and everyone will understand.


Contact me before you try this at home by yourself.

People (and brands) could get hurt.

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